We are moving!

So many open doors this year, I’m kind of dangling on one right now, but that’s among the many posts that will follow this one. To mention two, I started work at Africa 118 on a Google training project – Digital Skills for Africa, in January as I had desired all along (God is faithful), I revamped my blog and oh! how I love it – Thank you Stephen.

Here is a how I introduced the new site on facebook.

“Let me share how faith landed me this job.
A friend had 3 interviews and landed two jobs.
She started on one and a month later she was called to report to the other.
On the day she declined the second offer, I appeared an hour later, CV at hand.
Got lost on the familiar road until I stepped into the elevator with my current supervisor.
Two interviews later, the rest is history.

Sited on my right is the guy rebranding my blog. I’m yet to know how the one on the left fits into God’s divine plan. The one right opposite me should be getting me shoes . Because when you go to Him on your knees and walk your legs in faith…He moves.

ChristHub.co.ke is baking.

Why Christhub? Hub is described in the Oxford dictionary as ‘the effective centre of an activity, region or network’. Another site simply describes it as the ‘Focal point’.
Christhub simply describes Christ at the centre of…everything.

Like our page, let’s see where this goes. Share your thoughts too.”

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