Say Whaaaaat!

Am doing a happy dance. Me and dancing, my close friends wouldn’t put those two together. Am excited it’s hard to write. Today I received gold wrapped presents. Just like that. So easy, they came in one after the other. Seemed easy because since October 1st I have been pretty much doing the work. The work of praying, persisting and trusting, not necessarily asking God to give me what I desire but His will in every situation. A few things accomplished. I got to totally embrace God in my ‘losses’ & submit to Him. Clung on a few ends but He worked on, and with me to bare it all freely in His care. I trusted, relied on and still loved Him, maybe a little more, even when I didn’t know the outcome of my situations Continue reading “Say Whaaaaat!”


Faith in Action

“Morning Carol!

We acknowledge with thanks receipt of your email and wish to inform you that after further consultations with the relevant parties, your proposal was not accepted.

You are therefore called upon to adhere to the contents of the subject letter.

Thanking you.”

There are days I would totally crumble into despair from such news. Rejection, disappointments, bad news-meaning anything outside my plans & desires. I was trying to ‘battle’ Continue reading “Faith in Action”